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Donate to Rafiki by adding this item to your cart. 100% of this donation will be passed onto Rafiki to help build a school for the small girls.RAFIKI

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Our farm is amazing! We have four beautiful therapeutic houses, we have a farm where we grow our own produce, we have greenhouses, we have therapeutic carers, we have almost everything…

The bit that is missing is a school for all our vulnerable young girls. Some of the girls come to us for weeks or months, others come for years. All of them come because of the horror of sexual abuse. Because we care for our children as they go through the court process, many of them are not able to go out to attend school during this scary time. Sometimes this process can last years.

Their lives are always in danger if they leave the safety of our farm. If the family of the perpetrator knew where their accuser (our girls) was, there is a very good chance they could be murdered, as their evidence will put these evil men away for life.


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